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The G2NA team has secured funding support from Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences to host a 3-day Retreat at Hinxton Hall, Cambridge. The WGC ACSC Steering Committee has agread to fund the event as part of its 2017 programme and will cover onsite costs for the meeting itself, accommodation and contribute to travel costs. The theme of the Retreat is  "A global genomics nursing alliance to accelerate integration of genomics into everyday professional practice." The event is by invitation only and 30 participants are expected in total, from 18 countries and 7 organisations linked to nursing and genomics.  

AWGC FC auditorium


Further funding support has been gained from Health Education England Genomics Education Programme and the National Human Genome Research Institute. For more information, visit our Sponsors page.

G2NA Aims and Objectives

Accelerating integration of genomics into everyday nursing practice

Establishing the Global Genomics Nursing Alliance

for knowledge mobilisation and action around developments in nursing and genomic healthcare.

Creating a G2N Roadmap

that lays out how to integrate genomics into nursing education, practice and research.

Agree and prioritise

the collaborative efforts needed to realise the Roadmap.