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 G2NA is pleased to partner with the Nursing Now! 3-year global campaign. Nursing Now! was launched at the end of 2017 in collaboration with the World Health Organization and International Council of Nurses. It aims to improve health globally by raising the profile and status of nurses worldwide, influencing policymakers and supporting nurses themselves to lead, learn and build a global movement.

The focus of Nursing Now! on nurse leadership and empowerment, on education and training, on partnership and sharing, is very much in keeping with the values and focus of G2NA. The vision statement on its website further resonates with the work of G2NA:

The changing needs of the 21st Century mean nurses have an even greater role to play in the future. New and innovative types of services are needed – more community and home-based, more holistic and people-centred, with increased focus on prevention and making better use of technology. These are all areas where nurses can play a leading role.

We fully support the Nursing Now! campaign and are proud to feature on its Global Activity map. The listing for G2NA can be found here.

Nursing Now G2NA