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Nurse leaders meet at global genomics Retreat

Nurse leaders and experts from genomics, healthcare, nursing research and policy across the globe gathered at the Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge at the end of January 2017 for a Retreat to consider how best nurses can use the scientific developments in genomics to improve the care of patients and families.

The RetreOfficial group w 1024x614at involved three days of intensive discussion and exchange of ideas using highly interactive approaches designed from Liberating Structures. Posters displayed by participants set the global context for nursing, genomics and health care whilst specially constructed video facilities provided the opportunity for everyone to share their views on the issues of the day on camera.

Delegates agreed that the establishment of a Global Genomics Nursing Alliance (G2NA) was the best way forward. Core areas for action agreed included improving education and workforce development, collaboration and communication across borders and professional groups and leadership to transform healthcare through policy development. One of the biggest challenges agreed was in changing attitudes to the status of nursing and the potential for nurses to lead care.