Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

For this early phase of our work to establish a global genomics nursing alliance to accelerate integration of genomics into everyday professional practice, we have funding and support from three key organisations.

The Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences, Health Education England Genomics Education Programme, and the National Human Genome Research Institute are our three key funders.

This initiative would not be possible without the support of the institutions at which we work:

CCR NCI NIH                  Kalzone Calzone

 USWfrom web    Maggie Kirk & Emma Tonkin

 UNC Willmington Laurie Badzek

   UCLAN     Caroline Benjamin

 Wellcome Genome Campus      Anna Middleton


G2NA Aims and Objectives

Accelerating integration of genomics across everyday nursing practice


G2NA as the unified international voice for advancing and integrating genomics across nursing practice


Supporting the nursing profession to realise its full potential through integrating genomics across nursing practice to improve healthcare for all

Agree and prioritise

the collaborative efforts needed to realise a Roadmap that lays out how to integrate genomics across nursing education, practice and research