Papers on the Global Landscape of Nursing and Genomics and an Overview of Existing Global Genomic Resources.

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We are delighted that G2NA now has two papers published, authored by G2NA Steering Group members.


NET 2018 paper

The first paper has been published in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship. Authored by the G2NA Leadership team, The Global Landscape of Nursing and Genomics reports on the survey conducted with the G2NA participants as a starting point for the establishment of G2NA. The paper assesses nursing’s preparedness to integrate genomics into policy, practice and education. This provides useful context into the capacity for and challenges around integration. The paper is published as Open Access.


The second paper, Increasing Nursing Genomic Literacy: Overview of Existing Global Genomic Resources is currently available online and due to be published in October 2018, when it will be available through Open Access. For this paper we again used a survey approach to identify existing global genomic resources and competencies, identifying the source, type and accessibility for nurses. We found that the genomic resources that already exist are not readily accessible or discoverable to the international nursing community and as such are underutilized. However, the inventory will be useful in providing a foundation for a global genomic resource initiative led by G2NA.

Whilst both papers should be available as Open Access via the portal, if you have difficulties in accessing the full text please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..